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What Are 510 Thread Batteries?

The phrase ‘510 thread battery‘ is actually a term which originated from the technical specifications of the “510 thread” in the devices.

510 batteries and 510 tanks/cartridges use a 510 thread to screw into one another.

But now the term has evolved more into a category or ‘style’ of device in the industry now.

There are so many designs out there, ranging in many different shapes, sizes and strengths.

A 510 thread battery configuration is broken down into 3 key components.

  • The 510 thread battery
  • A cartridge/tank
  • The atomizer

The 510 thread battery’s job, is to send the correct amount of power to the atomizer and head the contents of the cartridge.

Too little power and the experience will be underwhelming, too much power and the contents will be burned, and upset the user.

That’s why it is important to always get yourself a quality 510 thread battery, which doesn’t let you down and gives you good burn control via the voltage.


510 Thread Battery Voltage Control

A good 510 thread battery has variable voltage output, allowed you to determine how much power is output to the atomizer.

The common voltage selections range from about 3.3V – 4.5V.

The best voltage will be determined by the contents of the cartridge, and the resistance of the atomizer.

A low voltage gives a ‘lighter’ slower burn, but will produce ‘higher quality’ outputs.

Too high of a settings will product a lot of smoke too quickly, essentially cooking your cartridge contents.

So it’s important to test and find that ‘happy voltage’ for your 510 thread batter setup.


510 Thread Battery Life Ratings Explained

510 thread battery devices typically user a lithium ion battery (the standard battery for electronic devices).

These LI batteries are rated in milliamp hours or mAh.

In engineering terms, this is how many milliamps the battery could continuously output for 1 hour non stop.

Bottom line: The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last.

Smaller devices will only be able to house a small LI battery, and will have a shorter life before it needs recharging.

Larger 510 thread batteries (like the box style battery) can hold bigger batteries with values like 900 mAh, lasting much much longer.


Finding A Cartridge For Your 510 Thread Battery

So, there are quite a lot of 510 thread battery designs out there, and an equal amount of cartridges – which can make matching a little annoying.

The bottom line is voltage output.

You need to make sure your 510 thread battery has the correct voltage output to drive the heating element.

The latest designs for cartridges are the ceramic with no wick.

But hey, if you want a 510 thread battery that is designed to fit all cartridges… check out the Cartisan black box battery.


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