CUSTOMER NOTICE: Just Mango Juul Pods Prices Have Gone Up, Here's why...

We received word that the Just Mango Juul Pods's manufacturer will no longer be sending any more Just Mango Juul Pods to the USA.

Therefore Just Mango Juul Pods have been discontinued unless the vaping industry gets a BIG win.

We bought the last of their stock, but we had to pay more for it. So that's the reason for the price increase - but what you see in our stock is likely the last of them.


Just Mango Juul Pods

Normally: $22.00
WOW! ONLY $15.99

  • Juul compatible pods
  • 5% Nic nevel (50mg)
  • Up to 300 puffs per pod
  • Prefilled premium flavored e-Liquid
  • 4 pods in per pack

Just Mango Juul Pods Info

JUST Mango pods are a popular “Juul compatible” pod. The name implies that it only comes in “just” mango, however they are available in 4 awesome flavors:

  • JUST Mango Sweet Mango
  • JUST Mango Orange Kiwi
  • JUST Mango Pineapple Guava
  • JUST Mango Strawberry Coconut

The JUST mango pods are the same strength as the original pods, but contain a little more liquid per pod – giving you some extra value for money.

Speaking of extra value… these JUST Mango pods are going cheaper than the original Juul pods at the moment, which is why they are gaining some popularity.


Just Mango Flavor Descriptions

Just Mango Sweet Mango

Finding it hard to get a Mango pod? Experience the delicious taste of sweet mangoes in every hit!


Just Mango Strawberry Coconut

Saturate your taste buds in an immersion of sweet and refreshing coconut milk, married with sun-kissed strawberry.


Just Mango Orange Kiwi

Like that citrus taste of orange? Well splash on your tongue with the Just Mango Orange Kiwi, like waves hitting the shore at the beach on a warm summer day. Then get hit with the fresh kiwi afterwards.


Just Mango Pineapple Guava

Who doesn’t like the taste of Fresh Guava! Nothing goes better with guava like juicy sweet pineapple, combined to make one of the juiciest elixir’s known to Juulers.

6 reviews for Just Mango Juul Pods

  1. 2 star avatar

    Debbie (verified buyer)

    Just Mango - Sweet Mango

    Debbie reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Sweet Mango in Just Mango Juul Pods

    Didn’t like them way to sweet

  2. 5 star avatar

    Danielle (verified buyer)

    Just Mango Pineapple Guava

    Danielle reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Pineapple Guava in Just Mango Juul Pods

    Great flavor

  3. 1 star avatar

    Tiffany (verified buyer)

    Just Mango - Sweet Mango

    Tiffany reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Sweet Mango in Just Mango Juul Pods

    Not a fan.

  4. 4 star avatar

    Roger (verified buyer)

    Just Mango - Orange Kiwi

    Roger reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Orange Kiwi in Just Mango Juul Pods

    I decided to try a “flavor” and this was the one. It is ok tasting and very good on the crave killing. I still prefer regular tobacco flavors, but this will do if it was all I had left. I’ll smoke a pod every now-and-then between Virginia or Classic tobaccos I normally use.

  5. 2 star avatar

    Lori (verified buyer)

    Just Mango - Sweet Mango

    Lori reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Sweet Mango in Just Mango Juul Pods

    Could not get the pods to work

  6. 5 star avatar

    Andrea (verified buyer)

    Just Mango Strawberry Coconut

    Andrea reviewed the Just Mango Juul Pods - Strawberry Coconut in Just Mango Juul Pods

    Love the flavor .. these pods are one of my favorites they hit very well

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