Lava 2 Pods

Normally: $14.99
WOW! ONLY $11.99

  • 4x Pre filled 1 ml nic salt pods
  • Only works with Lava 2 devices (DOES NOT WORK WITH JUUL)
  • Rated @ 200 puffs per Lava 2 pod
  • 5% Nic strength formula
  • Huge variety of delicious flavor choices
  • Non-Refillable

Lava 2 Vape Pods

Lava 2 has been an authority within e-juice manufacturing since 2014, with a mission to provide their customers with outstanding and professional customer service.

Lava 2’s mission statement says they are all about quality products at the best prices. They see the vapers needs and wants, and they deliver.

This is making Lava 2 a rising star within the vaping community.

Lava 2 pods only fit their own Lava 2 device. Lava 2 pods do not work with Juul devices!


Lava Pods Flavors

There is a huge range of lava 2 flavors, which never leaves a dull moment for Lava 2 vapers.

The extensive list of flavors are:

  • Lava 2 pods Mint
  • Lava 2 pods Mango
  • Lava 2 pods Blueberry
  • Lava 2 pods Apple Mint
  • Lava 2 pods Kiwi Mint
  • Lava 2 pods Tobacco
  • Lava 2 pods Watermelon Mint
  • Lava 2 pods Pineapple
  • Lava 2 pods Cotton Candy
  • Lava 2 pods Strawberry
  • Lava 2 pods Iced Grape
  • Lava 2 pods Peach
  • Lava 2 pods Splash Ice
  • Lava 2 pods Vanilla Cream
  • Lava 2 pods Summer Passion
  • Lava 2 pods Pink
  • Lava 2 pods Lemonade
  • Lava 2 pods Fusion
  • Lava 2 pods Banana

If we don’t have your favorite flavor in stock, you can sign up to our out of stock notifications, and even considere trying one of these other awesome flavor options.


Summer Passion Lava 2 Pods

A common question is what kind of flavor is the Summer Passion?

It is described as a blend of tropical fruits with a refreshing minty finish. Think of that delicious summer fruit juice.


Lava 2 Pods Price

Our sale price at the moment for the lava 2 pods is $11.99. That is very cheap compared to other sources.

You can also earn reward points with us, so on your next purchase you can get further discounts on your lava 2 pods.


Where to Buy Lava 2 Pods?

Normally you would need to go down to the gas station and pay premium prices for your lava 2 vape products.

You’ve landed on the right page, we’ve got lava 2 pods for sale. Order with us and get your pods shipped directly to you, cheaper!

We offer the 100% authentic Lava 2 pods, because of other websites offering suspiciously cheap offers – they are highly likely to be cheap Chinese knock offs that could contain harmful chemicals.


Lava 2 Pods Near Me

If you’re looking for Lava 2 pods close to you, you might have to pay a premium for your pods at a local vape store or gas station.

However, if you want to have your lava 2 pods shipped directly to you – we definitely got you!

Buy your Lava 2 pods with us and we will give you reward points, and get it shipped to your mail box – tracking numbers provided!


How to Refill Lava 2 Pods?

Lava 2 pods are actually “pre-filled”, sealed units.

That means you don’t have to fill them, they come ready to go with the flavored liquid inside.

Plug in your lava 2 pod and get vaping without and fuss.

Once you’re done, simply discard and move on to the next lava 2 pod.

If you are really intent on refilling your lava 2 pod, you can follow some lava 2 pods “life hack” tutorials online and refill them with your own juice.

But we don’t recommend that, they are not designed to be cracked open. They will never be the same if you try to reuse them.


Lava 2 Pods FAQ:

  1. How much e-juice do the refill pods hold? Each Lava 2 Pod contains 1ml of nic salt juice.
  2. How long do vape pods last? It all depends on how often you draw on your atomizer. 1ml of e-juice should last you around half a day if used consistently.
  3. Can I use these pre-filled pods with other starter kits? Lava2 pods are only compatible with Lava2 products only, so they cannot be used with a different brand of kit.
  4. When will I get my Lava 2 order? If you order by 4 pm EST on a Monday through Friday, your order will be shipped the same day. Our standard USPS shipping method means the time in transit may vary depending on the ship to address. It usually takes 2-5 business days for your order to be delivered.
  5. Is your packaging discreet? Our packaging is very discreet. We do not mention anything about the contents of the package on the outside of the packaging.
  6. Do I need to sign for my delivery? Not normally, only sometimes with very expensive orders we may ask for the customer to sign for the delivery for security.
  7. How old do I have to be to order from this website? You need to be the legal smoking age for your state.
  8. Do you ship outside of the US? At this time, we only ship Lava2 to all states within the United States of America. We’re woking on international solutions.
  9. What If I can’t find an answer to my question? You can contact us via our contact for. For official Lava2 support – please give them a call on the customer support number: 973 837 8560 Monday through Friday. Their product specialists will assist you with any questions you may have about Lava2 products.


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