Yocan’s Uni Universal 510 Battery

Normally: $34.99
WOW! ONLY $29.99

  • Works with virtually all 510 tanks / cartridges (Big!)
  • Supports cartridges / tanks up to 12mm in diameter
  • Lightweight & discreet design (stealthy)
  • Three voltage settings to suit most oils
  • 650 mAh battery capacity
  • Patented design
  • Level inspection window
  • Contains USB charger

The Yocan 510 Battery РA Universal 510 Battery Designed To Work With All Tanks/Cartridges

The Yocan Uni is a “world first” 510 thread battery, patented with a design that allows it to be used with all 510 tanks and cartridges.

If you need a 510 thread battery which you know is going to be able to accept all tanks / cartridges, you should be interested in¬†Yocan’s Uni.

yocan uni vertical adj demo

The Uni is basically a “Swiss army knife” for 510 battery users…

yocan uni features


The Yocan’s Uni Adjustable Atomizer Holder for Your 510 Cartridges

The UNI has basically changed the industry with the world first patented design of the adjustable cartridge holder function…

yocan uni holder function


How to Use The Yuan Uni

The Yucan Uni’s 10 Second Pre-Heat Functionality

To provide you with an incredible experience, the UNI has a built-in preheat function that warms up your oils before the first use.

Rapidly clicking the power button two times will put the Yucan Uni into preheat mode.

It will last for 10 seconds. To deactivate it earlier, just press the power button 2 times again.


Switch Between 3 Voltage Settings

The UNI features an adjustable voltage option with three different power levels to give you control over your experience.

After turning on the device, press the power button 3 times rapidly to switch between the voltage levels.


Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

The tank / cartridge will be inserted and locked by the magnetic 510 thread adapter (which is included).

This magnetic 510 thread connection will ensure compatibility with any 510 thread tank / cartridge on the market.


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